Broly in New Dragon Ball Super Movie

Dragon Ball Super Movie Poster

New Dragon Ball Super Movie coming in this winter on the big screen. Now Toei Animation released a teaser trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Broly feature controversial villain Broly.
The Broly is the major villain in three Dragon Ball Z movies and shows up in several games. he never appeared in the original manga.
Because of his limited appearances, fan has debated if Broly can be considered part of the large Dragon Ball cannon for years. But in a note of the Dragon Ball Super: Broly, series creator Akira Toriyama Said he worked to fit Broly into the Dragon Ball universe.

Dragon Ball Super Movie Poster

As the creator of Dragon Ball, Toriyama’s personal reworking of Broly will likely be enough for fans to consider the villain a canon character.

According to the Past, Broly Movies: Is Broly more powerful than Goku?

No, Broly is not stronger than a ssj3. but it is proven that he is stronger than a ssj2. … Now, I would have Broly at about 1.5x stronger than Ssj2 Adult Gohan was, I have Ssj2 Goku and Majin Vegeta at about 1.4x stronger than Ssj2 Adult Gohan, so he isn’t that much stronger than Ssj2 Goku and Majin Vegeta.

Is Broly a Super Saiyan?

Mind Controlled Super Saiyan. This is the weakest of all of Broly’s Super Saiyan forms and is a slave to his father Paragus. Thus, he cannot fully maximize his Super Saiyan potential. This form is awakened by Goku when Broly first sees him in Dragon Ball Z movie 8.

What is the power level of Broly?

In an issue of V-jump Broly was stated to have a power level of 1,400,000,000 (as a legendary super Saiyan in the first Broly movie). super Gogeta was stated to have a power level of 2,500,000,000.

Dragon Ball Super Movie Poster

Dragon Ball Super: Broly is released on dec.14 of this year


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