10th anniversary of The Dark Knight Rises.

The Dark Knight Rises is not only frequently considered one of the best superhero movies of all time, but also a triumph for filmmaking in general. Now that The Dark Knight is 10 years old.

Batman of The Dark Knight

Whether you’re watching it on the big screen or small screen, there’s no denying how successful The Dark Knight was back in the day. Making over $1 billion worldwide, the sequel was met with critical acclaim and went on to earn numerous accolades, including Heath Ledger posthumously winning the Best Supporting Actor Oscar and sound designer Richard King winning the Best Sound Editing Oscar. Christopher Nolan wrapped up his Dark Knight trilogy four years later with The Dark Knight Rises.

Behind the Scenes Photo from The Dark Knight – Heath Ledger

So the fact that The Dark Knight is returning to air exclusively on IMAX screens is especially appropriate, though it would have been nice if there were more locations participating. Nevertheless, if you’re a fan of The Dark Knight and live in any of these locations.

AMC Universal Citywalk IMAX, Universal City

AMC Lincoln Square IMAX, New York City

AMC Metreon IMAX, San Francisco

Ontario Place Cinesphere IMAX, Toronto

As tickets for opening day will go on sale this Friday, July 20. Then this sounds like an event that’s definitely worth checking out.



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